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Visual Search users

Visual Search is delivering value to public and private sector users in the following areas:

Customer and market insight

All organisations capture rich and diverse information about their market and customers. In competitive markets it is critical to understand how the organisation interacts with customers and to analyse customer behaviour to support marketing campaigns. VS provides a means of seeing all touch points that a customer has within an organisation and overlaying this information with product and buying information. Visual Search provides a powerful way of seeing customer and sector patterns of behaviour and the relationships between groups of customers and products, bringing unique insight into the market.

Research and development As the volume of research information continues to grow rapidly in areas such as life sciences, so it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Effective collaboration and knowledge sharing is critical and the need to find the right people and documents quickly is paramount. Visual Search is used by researchers to explore knowledge content and communities and to navigate beyond the obvious to make connections that can lead to research breakthroughs.
e-Discovery and litigation support

Companies and law firms are frequently facing the challenge of dealing with literally thousands of documents to comply with e-disclosure notices or to support litigation. A case may depend on establishing a link between people, documents, assets or events. VS speeds up this process, and is frequently the only way of discovering vital links and connections across documents and emails. The simple to use, sophisticated filtering instantaneously enables you to focus on a particular period, subject, theme or group of people, saving valuable time and costs.

Fraud and money laundering Fulfilling compliance requirements, containing resource costs and maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction are critical in sectors such as financial services. This balancing act is most keenly felt in specific processes such as insurance claims where wrong decisions can cause financial loss on the one hand or customer dissatisfaction on the other. Visual Search helps claims handlers to quickly see the complete picture around a claimant allowing them to make better informed decisions and to be more productive.
Tax services Central government departments are responsible for processing very large numbers of applications from the public for various tax and related services. They need to be as productive as possible at the same time as conducting necessary checks to ensure that fraudulent applications are identified. Visual Search plays an important role in this process, allowing front line staff to conduct a very rapid investigation from their desktop on applications they deem suspicious.
Security services and police investigation The security services are under immense pressure to respond quickly to any perceived threat but often they are slowed down by the need to make sense of large amounts of complex data. Intetek VS is used to accelerate the process of data investigation by allowing users to rapidly uncover the hidden connections and patterns within and across large data sets. This allows the security services to respond faster and to prioritise better.


Visual Search integration

Visual Search is most often deployed as an embedded component within an enterprise solution.

VS and CRM Intetek Visual Search is designed to plug into a CRM solution and provide users with the ability to explore important customer data using a flexible, dynamic visual interface...Learn more


VS and ECM Visual Search helps enterprise content management users to quickly find important content and any associated staff, internal communities, projects, clients etc...Learn more


VS and MDM Visual Search helps MDM users to realise the value of master data management by allowing them to explore and analyse master data in an intuitive and flexible way... Learn more


VS and Business Intelligence Visual Search is deployed as part of a BI solution to enhance BI's sophisticated reporting and data manipulation with a dynamic exploration capability. In this way, a user can further explore the information behind the trends or anomalies presented by business intelligence dashboards and reports.


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